November 12, 2003

2004 Pig Dinner

23rd Norris Pig Dinner to be held April 17, 2004.

Mark you calendars for the 23rd annual Frank Norris Pig Dinner April 17, 2004.

As your Pig Dinner chair I will be booking the spot to hold this event on Friday. I also some feedback on where we should have the dinner and party so email me back some suggestions The three places that can accommodate us are the Holiday Inn, Town Centre, and the Expo Center (Barefoot Bob's).

First, off the Town Centre was built just a couple of years ago and is basically brand new and very nice, but the only draw back is that it is a non-smoking facility. This of course is a problem because we love our cigars.

The Holiday Inn of course is the place where we normally hold Pig Dinner and yes they will still let us smoke and the bar will be open this year! I know we had some complaints about this location last year so I need know what you all want to do.

The Expo Center is the only other place and that is also just a suggestion.

Well that's all I have. Look forward to hearing from you all in the next day or so.


John Solis
Pig Dinner Chair
(931) 529-5773

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November 11, 2003

Testing Paused

Due to unforseen circumstances, testing of the site has been paused.

Due to unforseen circumstances, testing of the site has been paused.

Our highly touted team of beta testers has flunked their initial training courses. While this setback is disappointing, the administration will continue to move forward.

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Testing Continues

With yesterday's launch of the site, testing continues.

With yesterday's launch of the site, testing continues. Beta testers have been selected and are undergoing a rigourous training course on the new site. We expect to spend a significant amout of time to ensure the highest quality available.

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November 10, 2003

Nashville Fiji Opens

The Nashville Fiji website opens to much fanfare.

The first version of the Nashville Fiji website is online and resolving at The plan is to use this as a communication tool for Nashville area Fijis, families and related undergrad chapters.

There's no telling what this will turn into :)

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